First Day of Art Classes

Art classes got off to a rather rainy start yesterday with an ever present threat of torrential downpour and thunder. We were lucky however, and although it was pretty dismal, the torrential rain held off until after the last class had finished. Coming from UK, we are fairly accustomed to having to work around dismal weather! There were a few showers, but I'm glad to say that the budget Warehouse marquee/gazebo held up admirably with only one minor leak.

I'd originally planned for a class size of 10, but it quickly became clear that 5 was a more realistic number. Two people just turned up on spec, and so the class was effectively filled. 

Awaiting Classes
Class 06

It was a very successful first day, if a little stressful when people actually started turning up (I'd half expected that no-one would).

Everyone had a great time and, to their surprise, they all managed to create some splendid artwork that they were all  pleased with.

The aim was just to provide tips and techniques, and to let everyone's own style come out: I don't believe that there's point in teaching people how to simply copy my style, but there are certainly learnings that I've got from years of scratching away at canvases that I can impart. Learnings to help students rapidly build confidence in what is quite a daunting pursuit for the beginner. 

I'm happy to say that we had a full range of age groups and everyone seemed to get a lot out of the class. I think that oil paint is one of the most forgiving mediums. It can be applied thickly or thinly, doesn't dry to quickly - so can be worked on the canvas - or simply scraped off. For the beginner and the adept alike it's great!

Courses run most Saturdays, so if you'd like to give something new a try, why not sign up for the portrait course or the landscape one. Places are very limited, so be sure to pay straightaway to secure your place. We also have a beginners jewelry workshop more advanced wire-weaving one starting in February if that's more your thing. Check out the FAQ page for additional info about the courses.

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By Mark B

Mark has been drawing and painting since the late 1800s and has exhibited work in galleries and venues around the UK.