Arapuni Art Gallery

Ever since moving to the village, the plan has been to build a gallery on the front of the section. We have a great outlook to the mountain and a perfect location for passing visitors. 

About two years ago, we flattened the area for the gallery, but then sadly, the project came to an immediate halt following a very unpleasant fiasco with a Matamata based property valuer and associated valuation company. Finance then fell through and so our plans sat on hold.

I think this is the point where I use one of my favourite and (consequently) oft uttered quotes:

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Money isn't everything... as long as you have enough of it.

Er... It must be behind those trees...

The saga of the gallery continues. There was a brief glimmer of hope from the SWIFT people, but ultimately that was short lived, so it's back to outer space with plan B. The outlook is currently looking rather flat...

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Where are we now?

Thanks to the insane property price boom, we were finally able to get some  meagre finance. And so the saga continues...

The fencing is now mostly up this week - and hopefully (lockdown permitting), the cabin will arrive. Then we can start making the site look less like the surface of Mars and more like The Littlest Art Gallery in New Zealand.

From Modest Beginnings...

We finally now have a funny little building that will be The Gallery!

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By Mark B

Mark has been drawing and painting since the late 1800s and has exhibited work in galleries and venues around the UK.