Unboxing the Classroom

Our Arapuni Art courses will be outside on our section, so until we can afford a proper structure, we figured we'd at least need some shade. We got 2 super cheap gazebos from the Warehouse, and this one exceeded our (albeit low) expectations. Don't think it'll fare well in the wind though... Paint faster! Paint faster!

All in all, not too hard to put up. It said on the box that it needed 4 people to put up, but I managed to put most of it together on my own, the only hassle really was putting the legs on at the end. It didn't feel particularly sturdy, but good enough for now. We do have another, so hopefully tying them together will give them a bit of extra strength.

It'll be interesting to see how they fare for the first classes.

gazebo 1

Paint faster! Paint faster!

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By Mark B

Mark has been drawing and painting since the late 1800s and has exhibited work in galleries and venues around the UK.