Courses for Adults

A Fear of Failure is Instilled into Us from an Early Age

Don't be afraid!

Remember that Young Artist..?

That person is still in there somewhere...

We offer a number of creative courses for adults, although as we saw with our landscape and portrait painting courses, kids can get just as much out of them as adults. It was interesting to see the young and the not-so having just as much fun with the paints as each other.

We live in an increasingly superficial and financial-wealth obsessed world. And now that the powers that be seem hell bent on purging creativity from the school curriculum altogether, it's never been more important for us to connect and reconnect with the creative spirit that lives within us all. Many people will acknowledge that they haven't drawn or painted since school, and now it seems that many kids won't even get that fleeting chance.

Of course drawing and painting isn't for everyone, although one could argue that the ability to convey an image to a surface is pretty fundamental to the passing on of knowledge and is certainly a primordial imperative.

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Courses for Makers

As well as the drawing and painting courses, we also run courses and classes for makers such as wire weaving and jewellery making. Courses are run by Mandy from her shop Somewhere in TimeCome along and create a unique beaded gift for someone. Classes are informal so why not treat yourself and your friends, have some fun and learn a new craft.

Mandy did glass making at University and graduated from the University of Wolverhampton in the UK. It's pretty early days for us at the moment, but we're hoping that over time we can invest in a glass kiln and add glass making courses to our catalogue.