Cartoon Course

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For the actual content of the classes, I decided that Super Heroes might be a good start point, so I initially created Mr Teeth here. Of course it wouldn't proper to have a super hero without a super heroine, so I also created a female version. I didn't want to swamp the kids with too much chatter about body shapes, poses, facial expressions etc. So I thought I'd introduce them one set at a time. The hero pose and corresponding accoutrements was a good place to start, and lent itself well to some follow up sessions - on Super Villains, Sidekicks, Evil Lairs, Alter-egos etc. etc.

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I thought hard about how to structure the kids cartoon club sessions. To practice, I sketched faces and figures on a small whiteboard that I have in my home office, and I thought that it might be a good idea to extend this idea to the club. I started by making myself a large whiteboard with a cartoon theme, with what better than an explosive think bubble?

Originally, I had planned to cut out the spikes of the explosion, but I decided against this as I figured that they would be weak and prone to snapping. I needed something robust, so I opted for just rounding off the corners for now.


Unfortunately, for the first of the courses, I'd been too busy on a multitude of other projects so hadn't had the opportunity to complete the board. It was painted, but needed sanding to a super smooth finish for the whiteboard coating to be effective. To tide me over, I purchased some big drawing pads and used those instead. The wind was relatively kind, although the paper did blow about somewhat.

Fortunately, the kids didn't seem to mind :-)

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By Mark B

Mark has been drawing and painting since the late 1800s and has exhibited work in galleries and venues around the UK.