Anzac Day Activities 2021

Activities at Putaruru Library

We worked in partnership with Putaruru Library on the Anzac Day Activities on the 21 April 2021. There were a number of activities for kids ages 5 - 12+ that started at 10:30.

Centre Piece

Over the weeks prior I prepped for the activities: I bought a round canvas for the centre piece of the display: The silhouette of a lone soldier looking forlornly down at a single grave. The plan was for it to be surrounded by a wreath of poppies made by the kids.

20210402 172309

Aerial Battle

I also recycled an old vinyl banner that we had kicking about the place into a couple of backdrops. These were to serve as the sky for some popsicle-peg Gloucester Gladiators and Sopwith Camels that we had devised for the kids to build.

The End Result

Although it was pretty exhausting, turnout for the event was exceptionally high, which is fantastic. Well done to everyone that came along and built a plane, poppy, medal or all of the above! The plane station was immediately in danger of collapse with the number, but everyone who had a go managed to build one and the ones that weren't taken home were proudly hung on the display.

The centrepiece looked very impressive, the poppies setting it off nicely. Some people managed to bring in photos of loved ones and we added these around the poppies.

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By Mark B

Mark has been drawing and painting since the late 1800s and has exhibited work in galleries and venues around the UK.